About Us

At Enter Exit Real Estate Inc. we provide independent:

1. Property & Real Estate Consultation through Email / Call / Video Consultation
2. Comparative Market Analysis’s that provide expected property sale price ranges.
3. Comparative Market Analysis’s that provide expected rental rates.
4. Custom services & solutions, helping you make informed decisions that results in thousands of dollars in savings!
5. Private Mortgages and Loans.

Victor Pang – Founder & Principal

Licensing, Designations, Education

  • Licensed Residential, Rural, and Commercial Real Estate Agent.
  • Licensed Property Manager.
  • Certified Condominium Specialist.
  • REIN Real Estate Investment Network former member.
  • Barry Mcguire’s Agreement For Sale and Rent-To-Own Focus workshop.
  • Andrea Warkentin’s Real Estate Mastermind former member.


  • Practicing Real Estate for 10+ years helping clients purchase and sell.
  • Top 10 Sales Award 2018 at Grand Realty & Management Ltd.
  • Limited experience with commercial Real Estate purchasing and selling commercial buildings, commercial condo’s, retail leasing, and industrial leasing.
  • Limited experience Rural Acreage purchasing and selling.
  • Buying Foreclosures for home buyers, renovators, flippers, and investors.
  • Selling Foreclosures and providing representation for the bank, the court, management companies, mortgage insurance companies, and financial institutions.
  • Pre-construction condo & in-fill purchases.
  • Property Manager with small management portfolio.
  • Private Canadian Mortgage Investor & Real Estate Lender since 2017.

Personal Ventures

  • Real Estate investor, with small long-term portfolio.
  • Pre-construction condo purchase & investments for long term cash-flow.
  • Profitable renovation and flip projects.
  • Raising Joint-Venture capital.
  • Joint Venture funding for long term and short-term Real Estate projects.
  • Capital Raising for long term and short-term Real Estate investments.
  • Private Canadian Mortgage Investor and Real Estate Lender Canada Wide with experience in Alberta, BC, and NB, providing private asset-based short to medium term equity loans and mortgage financing secured on the value of real property instead of credit and income.
  • Investing Registered funds into private mortgages secured on Real Estate that average 12% returns and defer capital gain taxes in RRSP accounts, and zero capital gain taxes in TFSA accounts.
  • Property and Real Estate consultant providing independent advice, and non-biased property valuations with no commitment.